1 May: Abruzzi trade unions in penne per la brioni – abruzzo

“we are very worried – he has explained coccia – for the announcement of these exsuberi: It was unexpected even if we do not deny that the situation is difficult because of pandemic. “today – it has emphasized flags – they re-architect a difficult situation. We cannot afford to desertify our region so that the institutions are committed to ensuring jobs and at the same time relaunching the company.

That of the brioni is only one of the many disputes in place.” “we are worried – he said lombardo – for what is happening in Abruzzo on the front of the job. We are at the side of the workers in this dispute.

The latest data istat tell us that in 2020 we lost over 11 thousand jobs and we are under 500 thousand occupied and we get away from this data.