20 friends, Franciscan manzini as mara venier jokes with the prince: “He has the savoiardo in love”

A moment of entertainment dedicated to comedy on the fourth episode of the evening of friends 20, and here we enter the Franciscan studio Manzini. The radio speaker that we saw running with gerry shots for a few weeks at the desk crawl the news. His entrance, however, is hidden from the judges who are the protagonists of this part of the evening and the imitator arrives interpreting his battle horse: Mara venier.

In fact, it is the owner who serves to put in place an interview created specifically to entertain the public: the judges must believe that to speak with them is mara venier, whose voice is that of Franciscans. Since she is an imitator, her can’t be an informal chat and the first jokes start immediately. Triggering the immediate laugh of the audience.

Immediately after the manzini approaches stefano de martino and tastando the side b of the dancer states: “Nice but this one has two forms of mortar kissing, my mother.”