A president province wand mesh of the perugia – umbria

(ansa) – perugia, 23 May – donated to the president of the province Luciano wand the jersey number of perugia calcium. The president Maximilian Santopadre and the management group of the perugia, also present the mayor, andrea romizi and the Councillor for sport, clara shepherdlli, were welcomed by the vice president of the province of perugia sandro pasquali and the councilman erika borghesi. After a brief illustration of the history of the provincial palace there was a greeting and exchange of gifts in the council hall.

To the leaders of the football ac has been delivered the book “the palace of the province of perugia”. “I am very happy – said pasquali – of this promotion, perugia tona in serie b a place consono to his ambitions. The president wand, unable to attend the meeting for improrogable institutional commitments – it is said in a note of the agency – it has manifested through a message its satisfaction and that of the administration for the prestigious goal reached from the perugia with the promotion in series b.

A result made possible also by the proximity and support of the city of perugia, the friend mayor andrea romizi and the whole provincial community.