Ag.Effort: “Livorno, if you want to send it via tell us, and not to the newspapers,”

“Effort has prompted the resolution? We are astonished, the guy at the company asked to take the distances of the articles that have come out, but no one has yet done”. So to TuttoMercatoWeb, the agent of the defender of Livorno Michel Effort, Mauro Bousquet, about the rumors emerged today that the player would have asked for the resolution of the contract for an alleged fear of the Coronavirus. “If the company wants to the resolution, ” says Bousquet – which tell us, without putting out articles in the press. Effort was derided by the fans of Livorno as a fascist and a racist, but he explained to be neither the one nor the other. Then, if someone does not like because he has a beard and tattoos, then it would be more appropriate to say it to us, and not to the newspapers, so we remove the disorder. But the problem of Livorno and the cause of the disappointing season continues, the agent is not certain Effort ”.

About an alleged fear of the Coronavirus on the basis of the will of the player to go away, Bousquet adds, “he Lives with his wife and children, for training at home. Put in the middle of an alleged fear of the Coronavirus and make use of a thing that does not exist seems to me a little elegant, especially in these times. Michel can’t wait to get back in the field, the rest, ” concludes the agent – does not count”.