AIC, Heel: “We are reasoning to anticipate the matches of half an hour”

(ANSA) – ROME, 06 JULY – Anticipate half an hour of all the start times of the matches of Serie A. And’ a proposal ‘on which we are reasoning, together with the League and the television”. Umberto Calcagno, president of the Assocalciatori after the resignation of Damiano Tommasi, he spoke to ‘Radio anch’io sport’ (Rai Radio 1). The proposal is to agree players, especially for the match with kick-off at 19:30 and 21:45, less for those of 17:15. “I hope that we can reach an agreement,” he added, Heel – with the assumption that there will be no outcry from us. The players are showing responsibility, we must take a piece of the road together in an emergency, I hope that the tv will give us a hand to work better, the journalists of the printed paper”. Calcagno recalled that “television needs must pass at least two and a quarter hours between one match to another. In the afternoon we had asked that you do not play at all, the solution found with the League has been limiting a lot of the matches in the afternoon. Today the problem concerns a few meetings and you will need to meet”. With the Heel he has spoken of the election of the Aic to renew to the office of president, the place where it wants to be Marco Tardelli. “I am serene because I from my the strength of the work done since ’98, as a footballer in the board of directors, the work carried out then. I hope that the merit of this activity is to be recognized”. (ANSA).