Almalaurea, graduates unibz in the head for innovative startups – Trentino AA/S

Last year, for the first time, almalaurea conducted a comparative study on the creation of startups among graduates. “The look at the startups born by former students unibz is very hopeful,” says prof. alessandro narduzzo, head of the master’s degree “entrepreneurship and innovation”. Read more carefully, the survey highlights some aspects of the experience of unibz graduates absolutely flattering.

The first figure of absolute importance is the percentage of founding graduates of innovative startups that constitutes the most interesting data of the investigation. “in the case of graduates in Italian universities the percentage of innovative startups on the number of new capital companies is 5.6%; This figure is more than 18% in the case of unibz graduates. In short, considering the foundation of innovative startups, unibz graduates are 3 times more active than graduates at Italian universities,” adds the teacher.

Unibz was one of the first Italian universities to propose a curricular training offer for the learning of entrepreneurial skills. Our expectations are of course high, because in the future we would like to see even more unibz startups emerge from the master’s degree program”.