Ancma: April more than positive for the motorcycle market – two wheels

April positive for the market of the two wheels in Italy, with the registrations and sales that grow both towards last year, and especially regarding the pre-crisis period. To confirm it are the data made known by ancma confindustria, which show how in the fourth month of the year, the total market amounts to 31,638 units sold or registered. The mopeds total 1,579 vehicles sold, while scooters and motorcycles have registered respectively 15,224 and 14,835 vehicles.

In this sense, the two wheels also interpret the first positive signals that come from macroeconomic indicators – says paolo magri, president of confindustria ancma -. In the first four months of the year mopeds, scooters and motorcycles put on the market 96.182 means. In detail, the mopeds total 5.506 units, the scooters 48.843 and the motorcycle 41.833.compared to the first four months of 2019 the market grows by 10.2%.

Also in this field of the market, comparison with 2019 marks a total growth of all segments equal to 123,6%.