Antonio’s group: from the garden to the table, the quality sub-oils for real gourmets – press release – calabria

The ancient art of preparing in the house the undertones with the genuine products that mother nature gives us. Processed and then packed in the jars thanks to the expert and laborious hands of ladies who are the soul of the company antonio’s group of which he is the holder of a monthly Antonio. A wide range of vegetables to be prepared in many ways, to be invaded under oil and to sell in the market of agri-food as first choice products, quality guaranteed”.

An unexpected event that upset the world and overwhelmed the economy. “Ours is an entrepreneurial reality that, just born, has already crossed the worst storm. We spent very difficult months in this year of life – comments in the month – but we kept it hard.

In the past years I have gained so much experience in this field; I participated in fairs and events related to agribusiness. The next step will be to bring the products of Antonio’s group to the most important trade fairs in the sector. The pandemic, sooner or later it will pass, and when everything is finished we will be ready to introduce ourselves to the national market and not only”.

In the laboratories of the Antonio’s group only vegetables are worked: from the onions of the nearby tropea to the melenzane. Monthly keeps to punctuate that every jar of under oil is hand-prepared with Cervin care. The ladies of the laboratory have repelled the ancient methods of preparation of the products of the area that are typical Calabrian.

Another special feature is that the products of the Antonio’s group are not found on the shelves of supermarkets but in the shops of the ancient local culinary tradition and in wine shops, where they are combined with excellent wines. Preparations that recall the craftsmanship of the preserves that our grandmothers prepared for the winter and that the Antonio’s group has revisited to bring back to the table the goto of the products of the garden”. In this regard will also start the e-commerce service that the Antonio’s group will promote through the website and facebook page.

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