Asks for help by mail, freed young segregated from the family – Tuscan

She managed to ask for help by sending an email to the Carabinieri: the latter, intervened, freed the young man who, communicates the weapon in a note, would have been kept segregated in the house by the family to prevent her from attending the fiancé because of the different religious faith. To the young, of foreign origin like the fiancé, about twenty years, had been removed the mobile phone and could rarely dare and escorted. To send the mail would take advantage of the oo of the pc allowed for dad.

The Carabinieri presented themselves at the girl’s house and “believing a pretentious reason not to cause suspicion in the family” brought her to the barracks. Confirmed that she was the author of the mail, the young man would then explain that “from just less than a year he attended an Indian boy, little older than her. Everything had gone well until the moment when his family had known of the relationship “disapprovaling it in the most absolute way because of the different religious faith.”

Thus, taking advantage of the moments when the family allowed her to use the computer for Dad, would create an email box and email the military. The latter are carrying out further investigations “to deepen the contours of the affair, and to define with accuracy the responsibilities of individual family members. ”