Astrazeneca: toti, it struggles in Liguria, 1-3% disdette – Liguria

(ansa) – genova, 07 apr – “of course there is a struggle in the Ligurian centers that administer the astrazeneca vaccine regarding the centers where other vaccines are administered. Until yesterday the cancellations were not significant, between 1 and 3 percent”. A genova has been reported a chase at the vaccination hub of San Benigno where the modern vaccine is administered.

“in the hub of the genova fair there has been reported the fatigue of the staff to the acceptance after the attempt of some booked to pass from one to another vaccine – explains toti -. Given the reputation that was built around the astrazeneca vaccine is understandable. Who has the right to astrazeneca must vaccinate with astrazeneca – it reiterates toti – on this there is no doubt, at least in this phase the rules are strict”.

Toti has set the future objective for the number of weekly vaccinations: “Liguria must reach the target of 73 thousand vaccines per week by mid-April. Last week we reached 59 thousand vaccines, this week I wish 65 thousand, I would like to quickly reach 73 thousand, which is the goal of the next step – he comments -.