Atalanta-Thauvin, a continuous contact. There are Leicester and Aston Villa, the figures

Are hours waiting for the ball about the track Florian Thauvin, external offensive is the property of Olympique Marseille, with contacts between the parties that are recent, and that, in short, could also lead to a resolution of the case, in one direction or the other. For the French the destination is acceptable, the idea of the five-year the teases, but for now, the figures are still low to think of an agreement.

INSERTIONS OF LEICESTER, AND ASTON VILLA – In the last hours the two teams in the Premier League you are interested strongly in the american, but the idea is to play the Champions League next season. Thus would seem to be two situations apart from the power lead to a mugging. On the other hand, however, there is also the possibility to remain another year at Olympique Marseille to win the European championship and then, within a year, choose your destination.

EVALUATION DROPS? The requests of the OM – which is trying to extend, but there are no margins at the time – came to 15 million. The gap is there even with a possible offer of Atalanta, which is oriented to the bottom. In short, the good end of the bargain is anything but simple.