Athletic Bilbao, Garitano: “Regret not taking the advantage, we missed the thrust of the fans”

The regrets of the coach of Athletic Bilbao, Garitano are all-in on the left taken just after the goal by Muniain: “We scored at the best time, then they have done immediately in a 1-1 draw: it was a pity not to be able to keep the advantage for more time. But anyway, I’m happy for the answers that I gave the team over the 90 minutes, because we have right to the replacement of Simeon, who did enter a number of samples during the race”. His kids have suffered from the absence of the public: “we adapted well, but the thrust of our there is failure in the finale to when they began to miss the energy, they would have pushed further. The San Mamès is a stage that leads you to give even more”.