Athletics italia quota 60 participants: tokyo the most numerous shipment ever

“The reality has overcome dreams: gold in the 4×400 mixed, gold in the 4×100 female, silver in the 4×100 male. After touching the bottom at the level of results in the great international competitions of recent years something is moving and we all hope that already in tokyo you can collect dividends. In the meantime, we enjoy the radiant faces of our relayers led by the dazzling Silesian expedition, with five brackets on five (!!!)

Qualified tokyo. Eloquent numbers: the 49 charge4x400 mixed world champion! Kings and comrades yesterday at 17:5349, like the blue qualified to the Olympic games of tokyo if they left today.

It could be blurred (abundantly) 60 by the deadline of 29 June, touching unexplored peaks: Yes because today the most numerous blue expedition was that of los angeles 1984, when we touched 50 units. Here instead it is better to be cautious, because the Olympic medals are a separate speech. The movement is there and is growing, perhaps tokyo still comes an embryonic stage of the process but alibis are zero: we have to try.

4×400 mixed world champion!