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The AIC takes a position, rather hard, against the clubs of italy, who continue to call for control.
Leonardo Bonucci has chosen the City of the Health of Turin to support the health committed in the emergency coronavirus. The football player of Juventus and the National team, with his wife Martina Maccari, has donated 120 thousand euro at the health care center. (X-Sports)
Also the tour of Flanders is preparing to yield to the emergency coronavirus. The classic pavé, in the program for the next 5 April, you probably will not be played, because the restrictions the health emergency in Belgium, will expire only on April 3. (X-Sports)
On the day of Martin Fourcade, at his last race in career, the Norwegian Johannes Boe won the crystal ball in the world cup of biathlon, the second in a row, at the end of the test sequence was the scene on the track ... (X-Sports)
“We are in a dramatic situation”. It says, in the press conference, the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia. “However, if.
The proposal playoff and playout does not convince Marcello Lippi. Interviewed by la Repubblica, the former coach commented on this possibility: “Not.

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Inter, agreement for the cutting of new signings and renewals in the future

Also the Inter to adapt to the difficult moment experienced by the economy of the world of football, and as happened to Juventus the coach.

Juve, anonymous donation of 15 thousand euro in raising funds for the hospitals

“I want to also give me a small contribution to the cause brought forward against the Coronavirus – writes on the social, Cecilia Salvai, defender.

Redness and injury to the skin by masks, how to intervene

Doctors, nurses and all those who work for and wear the mask for so many hours face to face, among the many side-effects, problems of the skin red and damaged. Small wounds, which should not be neglected, but treated with the right products

Britney Spears, the traits of beauty, iconic (even 20 years after “Oops!… I did it again”)

Are past two decades after the release of the famous song, and yet Britney, for those who grew up in that era, and still remains today, the blonde from the lips glossy and eyes pastel. We have traced its history, beauty, and identified its strengths that still would trend

#VFQuarantineStories: 16, in direct IG, tutorial on how to make waves with the plate

To the 16 of April 1st, a new appointment (at a distance) with the hair stylist David Ryan Concannon. For the series "voices from the quarantine to lighten the quarantine" that will drive a mini live tutorial