Barbano (Corriere dello Sport): “If the football alarm clock for the Country,”

“If football alarm the Country”. On the pages of the Corriere dello Sport, Alessandro Barbano law, so the decision to go back on the field: “the resumption of The football is a watershed that symbolically closes this segment is crucial for our life, which began on the evening of 9 march. When the premier, in announcing the lockdown, more rigid, and more expensive in Europe, said there was no reason why the championship to continue. As of yesterday, there are all the reasons for it to start again. They were placed next to each other in the patient work of reconstruction, which saw the tenacious weaver, the president of the Federation, Gabriele Gravina, and that was challenged by the scepticism, the depression, the ideological prejudices and the interests occult, all the enemies of football.

A waterfall of emotions it triggers the announcement that even in Italy the championship is awakening, or rather that the league awakens the Italy. Raccontatela as you want, but it is great news. So wonderful that you can nonchalantly to hear her announce from the minister neghittoso, the more indifferent, the more unreliable that the football could expect. By yesterday evening the worst of the policy appears to us beautiful, even with all its load of hypocrisy.”