Barçagate, what happens in Barcelona: Bartomeu and activities to discredit Messi and others

What is happening at Barcelona? What is behind the current confrontation between the presidency and the team? One of the company’s strongest and richest in the world has been overwhelmed by the scandal caused by the revelations of Cadena Ser about the (alleged) activities of the management to discredit the players for barca, and in particular Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué, or other figures that are part of (currently or as a former never to be forgotten) of the family barca. That’s why in the group – as recounted in the course of the show “El Larguero” – are finished Pep Guaridola (now manager of Manchester City), a “flag” like Xavi (who started his career as coach at the helm of the Al Sadd), Antonella Roccuzzo (wife of the argentine champion), or even the former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont. Prominent names in the galaxy of the Catalan.

What is behind the scandal “Barçagate”

The question arises: assuming that everything is true, because it was thought an operation of this kind? Because, judging from what is collected in the dossier of the issuer, the iberian, the characters in question were considered to be “inconvenient” for the club, too bulky, and for this were scaled down.

  • All in the viewfinder of a social media campaign designed and developed in the art with a single purpose: to de-legitimize the credibility of the players by popularity, and after that, they have a community and a consensus is very broad.

The role of the private company that acted on behalf of the club

It is in this perspective that engages the role of the “I3 Ventures, the private company that would be appointed by the president, Josep Bartomeu, create and manage social media accounts to be fictitious to food criticism and undermine the sympathy towards some of the figures are expressly identified.

  • As it was the action offensive? The agency used a series of sites on the internet, profiles published on different platforms so as to reach the greatest possible number of users. A sort of killeraggio silent by exploiting the basin of the Network and directing the “sentiment” is negative. Not an attack or accusation direct, but something more surreptitious, almost as if it were a slander, left filter at the mo’ gossip raising a fuss, which is inevitably “dirty” the person the subject of the gossip.

A million euros in bank transfers made by the Catalan

In further support of the survey carried out are also indicated in the figures and the mode of payment. Follow the money, the old adage says of the investigators. Well, the paper trail and your bank account has done so as to reconstruct the amounts and the system of payment. A million euros this is the amount that is paid into the coffers of the “I3 Ventures”. A payment made through six credit transfers, with figures of less than 200 thousand euro. The reason for this? Avoid the authorization of the same banking by the council of the company.

The “half” truth about the contacts with the companies that operated on the social

The president, Bartomeu, has denied the whole thing by defining it as “follies” and “falsehood” as collected in the dossier and has said it is ready to take legal action. The number one of Barcelona has admitted that at the end of the 2017 a contract was signed with the “I3 Ventures” (which would explain the payments) but with the opposite end with respect to what has emerged so far: that is, as a means of protecting the image of the company by monitoring social networks. A practice – has made it to the top manager – adopted by many other clubs.

Resigns the chief financial of Barcelona

The explanation, however, is not enough to defuse the suspicion and, above all, to affirm the total lack of involvement of the company with respect to post defamatory edited and published on the social profiles related to the club. In the last hours, in addition to the items on the meeting between Messi, Pique and other football players (reported by Brand name, and denied by the leadership), has caused a sensation in another episode: the resignation of the Montserrat Font, the chief financial “company, Barcelona”. An act that seemed more an attempt of the same Bartomeu to sacrifice employees to “raison d’état” that’s not a gesture that is absolutely spontaneous. Why not convince the abandonment of the task? First of all, what is astonishing is the timing, and then there is an important factor: Monteserrat Font was considered to be one of the most important characters of the leadership, and had come to the top of the club since 2005. That’s why his resignation have only added to the puzzlement around each other.

The clash between the club and the players, the resignation of Valverde

A volcano ready to explode. The “Barçagate” it’s just another eruption that is likely to squassare the environment blaugrana. Signals in this sense there had also been, more recently, but within the team, and management closer to sporting issues. From the release of Valverde, to which we have arrived in a troubled and with a front split, until the controversy between Abidal and Messi. The team manager had downloaded the responsibility for the crisis of performance and results on the team, accusing the players of not engaging enough, and reference to “problems of internal communication”.

The clause that allows Messi to leave the club

The sortie, which had resulted in the perturbed reaction of the players, in particular of the “ten” in the american south, who had chosen the profile Instagram personal to launch broadsides on Abidal coaching staff. “All must take the responsibility. The players for what happens on the field: the society for the rest,” wrote the Flea. Even the interview of the president with the team manager, has served to dispel the clouds to the point that the same Messi, sentitoti attacked and delegitimized, would be tempted to leave Barcelona by exercising the option clause inserted in his contract that allows him to free himself in June at zero cost.