Basketball, Euroleague: Milan hunting the fourth place, baskonia for the playoffs. all combinations

The performance of the accounts is close in eurolega since we are in the week of round 34, the last round of a long and intense regular season. Six teams have already detached the pass for the playoffs, the barcelona has armored the first place, cska and anadolu efes are sure of the field factor, while for the fourth place (with factor field precisely) are running ax armani exchange milano, fenerbahce and bayern monk. Two places remain for the second stage and four clubs are involved in the diatriba: real madrid, zenit, baskonia and valencia.

This also means that the ax armani exchange would be sure of the fourth place with a success on the anadolu efes istanbul, regardless of the outcome of the others. In case of defeat, in order to preserve the fourth place in Milan should indeed hope that they also lose fenerbahce and bayern monk. Blancos are certain of the playoffs by winning or a defeat of the zenit in one of the two races with maccabi and panathinaikos.

The real however can not go beyond the fifth place. Remaining on the zenit, the Russians of xavi pascual are those with the most complex situation: Obviously winning both games, they are qualified. Vice versa, in case of arrival at 19-15 with real and the winner of Baskonia-Valencia, is out!

Zenit must win and hope that even real and baskonia win while it is eliminated if it loses against maccabi and valencia wins, or wins Baskonia but the madrid loses. The Spanish derby de la Fontta tra valencia e il td systems baskonia will be a real shot. Instead valencia passes only with a victory and the contemporary defeat of one between real and zenit.

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