Basketball, euroleague: the Milanese Olimpia wins race-5 and flies to the final four, the words of the protagonists

Talking about us, it was a great series, we played with great heart and we are very happy. I am happy, first year here in Milan and immediately final four. Now we will try to give our best because there are two victories still to be won. ”

Shields at allfield: tears the ball to baldwin and flies in counterpiedeEuroleague Milan beats the bayern monk in race-5: final four after 29 years! There was great pressure, especially after losing 2 away races against an excellent monk bayern, which moreover played a terrifying – in the sense of course positive – season. We played a very solid game, having only a minute of madness at the end and it was an incredible thing.

However then kyle hines placed the play that definitely closed the accounts. Something to be happy with the fans, hoping to see them soon, according to the evolution of the pandemic. We played a very hard series, against a huge monk bayern, and it was a struggle with a beautiful ending.

Dream milan: the hl of triumph on bayern in 140 secondseurolega zach leday flies to nail the crushed on the head of reynolds an hour ago