Basketball, nba: the playoffs, the lead in the first round of eastern and western conference

Eastern conference(1) philadelphia 76ers vs. (8) Washington Wizardspronostic: 4-0 philadelphianba nba 2020-21: the western conference pagellone 18/05/2021 at 10:13The 76ers return to the #1 of the East for the first time since 2001, when allen iverson dragged the team to the finals. Wizards have the talent of two phenomena like westbrook and beal, they arrive from the Play-In without any pressure but do not seem to have the means to be able to hang phila, even on a single game, especially the defense. (2) Brooklyn nets vs. (7) boston celticspronostic: 4-1 Brooklynvery fascinating series, on one hand the unspoilt talent of nets, on the other the blason and pride of celtics.

This milwaukee this time does not seem arginabile, the additions of holiday and tucker are very relevant, divincenzo grew much, middleton and giannis antetokounmpo remain two clamoroses to the star, especially the Greek. (4) new york knicks vs. (5) atlanta hawkspronostic: 4-2 new yorkthe least-awaited series because in few imagined hawks, and especially knicks, get to the playoffs with these series heads. The defensive solidity and the confidence of the knicks makes them slightly favored on atlanta, team that probably has more offensive talent – trae young in primis, followed by bogdanovic, collins and danilo gallinari -, but which presents itself to the playoffs with many roster debutantes.

Interesting comparison that promises show. “Let us train now:” so kobe inspired randleWestern conference(1) utah jazz vs. (8) memphis grizzliespronostic: 4-0 jazzWho knows if the utah jazz have exulted for avoiding steph curry and warriors?! Promises to spark the duel in the area between gobert and jonas alancius, reborn to memphis.

(2) phoenix suns vs. (7) Los Angelespronostic: 4-3 lakersdo the best season after a decade and find the lakers defending champions in the first round is certainly not the prize that would have liked the phoenix suns. Two years ago, the blazers eliminated the nuggets in the semifinals for 4-3, even this time could be long. Denver has the main candidate mvp or nikola jokic but remains the doubt if the various michael porter jr., gordon, pitch and partners will be able to fill the heavy absence of jamal murray, fabulous the year passed in the bubble.

Vice versa portland closed in crescendo the regular season, recovered the injured excellent nurkic and mccollum, and always has a leader like damian lillard. The supporting cast of the blazers seems on the most varied and numerous card, there are enough bodies to throw against jokic while denver may have problems limiting the talent and physicality of the many external opponents. (4) los angeles clippers vs. (5) by maverickspronostic: 4-2 clippersis the rematch of the first round series in the bubble last year, won 4-2 by clippers.

In regular season have given the impression of managing, now they are called to the gear change to go to the bottom. On the other hand, Dals has the dazzling talent of luka doncic, the Slovenian can also win one by itself, but to fight au pair it is necessary that everyone, from brunson to hardaway, especially porzingis, climb to level, especially in defense. Who knows that even nik melli has minutes.

Rich fois exclusive between phoenix suns, datame and coach messinanba nba 2020-21: the pagellone of the eastern conference 18/05/2021 at 08:48