Basketball, Olimpia Milano pays homage to Kobe Bryant: playing with the purple shirt in the Italian Cup

This week he will compete in the Final Eight of the Italian Cup of Basketball, a nice format because, in the same location you play in the national cup the eight strongest teams of the championship. The team favorite for the victory is, without a doubt, Olimpia Milano, who has decided to pay homage to Kobe Bryant, the american ace who died last January 26 in an accident in a helicopter. The Milan team will change colors and, for once, nothing white and red, but purple and yellow.

Olimpia Milano is on the field with a jersey for Kobe Bryant

The colors of the basketball team in Milan are white and red, know that even those who are not super experienced basketball. But for the Final Eight of the Italian Cup, the traditional colors will be set aside. The Olympia will pay homage to Kobe Bryant using the purple and yellow, the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers. The company has made known that Thursday at 18 against Vanoli Cremona, led by c.t. the National Meo Bags, play with the purple sweater, which of course brings to mind Kobe and the Lakers, and not surprisingly, the second mesh will be yellow.

The words of the owner of the Olimpia Milan, Giorgio Armani

The mesh that will be used to Pesaro from the Olimpia Milan will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the ‘Mamba On Three’, the fund created by the Mamba Sports Foundation which financially supports the families of the other victims of the accident of January 26. The owner of the Olimpia Milano, Giorgio Armani, has explained why he wanted to honor Kobe Bryant:

We decided to make a symbolic gesture, the one, to abandon for a time our beloved traditional colors and wear the ones historically linked to the presence of Kobe Bryant on the field. Bryant has been a player of reference, which has inspired millions of athletes around the world in the course of a legendary career, was born in Italy. To honor it, once again, is a way to thank him for everything he has done for the basketball world.