Because the ball is doing in Juventus

The Juventus is in danger of being lost. Or at least into a misunderstanding. The team struggles to reach maintain control of the spaces in the two phases and in the various situations of the game. The 4-3-1-2, which accommodates the talent of Kick, bloats the manoeuvre in the centre, the 4-3-3 has given you more safety in phase of possession but it ended up to pass through Cristiano Ronaldo. The mezzali, even to the injury of Khedira, it does not guarantee a transmission speed of the ball. In addition, and perhaps this is the main point of contact with respect to its experience at the Naples, Juve is vulnerable when he plays at a pace that low, when he tries to administer. And the 14 goals conceded in a season, in a win-win situation, the last to Verona, confirm this. And the dynamics are often similar to stand out, beyond the numerical data. In eight games, then Juve scored the first goal and then conceding a 1-1 draw in the space of a few minutes: 3 against Sassuolo 20 against Lazio.

Naples, from 0-3 to 3-3 (before the goal)

The first clues arrive on the second day, against Napoli comeback from 0-3 to 3-3 before the own goal of Koulibaly. Particularly significativca the concatenation of decisions that are unsafe that lead to the first goal the Italian Lozano, the second of Naples. Totti does not follow the cut, behind De Ligt slows to go, perhaps because you are worried by Mertens, and the diagonal will not hold. In this way, you reduce the chances of defending on a ball that comes from the bands towards the centre. In fact, the delay turns out the pass line for Lozano, and cuts off Alex Sandro, unable to intervene. Moreover, already before the step, Up did not follow Zielinski and Danilo did not cut toward the center to close the line of transition between the Polish and Allan. This lack of prior coverage has forced to Break out sideways, opening the gap, that Allan has used to start the action.

Il gol di Lozano in Napoli–Juve. Sul cross da sinistra, i due centrali bianconeri sono troppo larghi per chiudere sul messicanoin the picture: The goal of Lozano in Napoli–Juve. On the cross from the left, the two central bianconeri are too wide to close on the mexican

Those that, in the second game, they could also be interpreted as physiological errors due to the change in philosophy, however, continued for almost the entire season.

The forward lowers and effort to defend the cross on the second post

The zone defense on the cross, coming from the bands remains uncertain when the line is lowered, when the team tries to slow down and contain. Thus was born the goal they conceded in the eighth round against Bologna. On a cross from the right, the defensive line of the ball, squeezes a lot in the area of the ball. In these cases, the management of the one-on-one becomes decisive. The indecision of Cuadrado, which loses the aerial duel with Mbaye promotes Danilo that collects in the area, on the second post. Bonucci does not have time to leave the position and chiudergli the line of fire.

Il gol del pareggio del Bologna. Cuadrado, l’uomo più lontano dalla palla nella linea difensiva, perde il duello con Mbaye. Danilo, alle sue spalle, sarà libero di calciarein the picture: The goal of the balance of Bologna. Cuadrado, the man farthest from the ball in the defensive line, he loses the duel with Mbaye. Danilo, on his shoulders, will be free to kick

Similar situations have generated the rigor of a balanced Mancosu Lecce at the Via del Mare (the ninth day, 1-1) and the network of Udinese, who also will not change the substance of the score to the sixteenth day. Juventus won 3-1, cashing in on the net at the 94′ still on a cross from the right which is controlled by Nestorovski good at turn on the second post towards Pussetto. Again, the defensive line is narrow in the area of the ball. The failed assault on the two lines of the passage becomes a weak point.

A cross to the far post resulted in the hand foul by Alex Sandro and allowed Rome to shorten the distance at the Olympic stadium. And the fifteenth day had led to the tie of Lazio, starting the comeback from 0-1 to 3-1. The striker, who has maintained for 62% of ball possession in the first half of the match against Lazio, he controlled the game pace high. In the end of the first half, however, leaves Bentancur to injury-the entry of Emre Can takes away the fluidity on the left wing for juventus and complicates the re-assault of the ball. The action of the draw develops from a corner, beaten but short; the key is the cross cut of Luis Alberto from the top of the area that it lands on the head of Luis Felipe at the shoulders of Alex Sandro.

Il gol del pareggio della Lazio contro la Juve. Sul cross di Luis Alberto, Matuidi si perde Luis Felipe, Alex Sandro è preoccupato da Milinkovic alle sue spalle, Bonucci prova a chiudere ma viene scavalcato dal pallonein the picture: The goal of the tie of Lazio against Juve. On the cross of Luis Alberto, Matuidi is lost Luis Felipe, Alex Sandro is worried about Milinkovic to his shoulders, But tries to quit but is bypassed by the ball

Decisive in the assault on the ball carrier

The idea of football Sarri requires a high quality in the circulation of the ball, to narrow the field and generate superiority, and the pressure quickly on the ball carrier. When one of the two preconditions is lacking, the defense is to handle the transitions are more complex in the open field, and is more easily attacked at speed.

However, in the course of the season, Juventus has struggled to maintain a re-aggression fast for all the ninety minutes. Are often the periods of folding in which the bianconeri have shown the greatest difficulties in the protection of your own area. A clear example came in the last match in Verona.

The goals of Borini, who draws the initial advantage of Cristiano Ronaldo, mature after a through ball served by a ball that cuts off Cuadrado. Borini receives in the space of a half to a side, and is closed quickly by the defenders that allow you to fit the ball of the foot and draw in the diagonal.

Il gol del pareggio del Verona. Pjanic perde il contrasto con Borini, che si infila nel corridoio. I due centrali bianconeri, troppo lontani fra di loro, non possono chiudere in tempoin the photo: The equaliser the Verona. Totti loses the contrast with Borini, who shoves in the hallway. The two central hosts, too far between them, may not close in time

At least one other occasion, at the Stadium against Sassuolo, we have seen the negative effects of defense mechanisms is still not stored. Put under pressure and forced to think in a short time, the defenders seem to be uncertain, suspended between the delivery positions and the closing on the man. In this opening, on the occasion of the immediate draw of the neroverdi after the advantage of Who has entered the Boga that dance at the edge of the area and back to the door and around a Up put out of action with a fake quick to start school. Boga then triangulate with Caputo, whose touch back around a narrow line in which De Ligt is the most external of Cuadrado on the weak side, Bentancur is in withdrawal, but does not close the pass line, Bonucci is caught in the middle, and when it reacts it’s already too late.

Errors in setting

The vulnerability increases, in a predictable, if the opponent’s action stems from a mistake by the bianconeri in the bands of the low output of the ball. It happens in the direct clash against Inter at the seventh day, when the pressure on the top of the Inter leads Proved to be a launch hasty, allows the nerazzurri to retrieve the ball in the box, offensive and generate action that leads to a handball in the area of De Ligt and to a balanced Lautaro Martinez 14 minutes the goal of the advantage of Kick.

Late and distracted even the positioning of the defensive line against Genoa on the tenth. Five minutes after the 1-0 in the first minute, a disengagement in the vertical of Alex Sandro is intercepted, the ball travels not clean to the edge of the area, But puts his body on the line shooting Kouamé, but only gets to divert the conclusion and, in fact, displace Buffon.

Il disimpegno di Alex Sandro, intercettato, favorisce Kouamè al limite. Cuadrado che si sta allargando, libera ancora più spazio all’attaccantein the photo: The hallway of Alex Sandro, intercepted, promotes Kouamè to the limit. Cuadrado is spreading, free even more space to the attacker

Always the striker loses the ball to Genoa port to a balanced Caprari before the ex-dividend sumptuous Cristiano Ronaldo. The action which frustrates the 1-0 win to Kick develops from a ball lost from the brazilian took advantage of Ramirez, who enter the area, and as in many situations the back four as the half is concentrated in the area of the ball but still allows the low cross. A detour free Caprari, at that point, unmarked, on the second post.

The end of it.

These moments of passivity, in which the defenders are not meeting at the ball, affect the zone defense on kicks is still. The internal challenges against Parma, after the 1-0 to Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the first half, Cornelius signed with a 1-1 draw and 55′ on the corner to get out of Scozzarella. “On the corner we have all the players fermi both physically and mentally,” said Sarri to Sky after the game. In fact, the players of Juve seem to wait for the point of fall of the ball before reacting. In the specific case, Cristiano Ronaldo has the main responsibility, because Cornelius is acting in its area, has been mitigated, if anything, from too far away with Rabiot, who has no way to shorten it.