Because the Naples is perfect in the Cups but precarious in the championship

The victory of Naples to Milan with the Inter crystallizes one of the few certainties in the season: the blues are almost perfect in the Cup. So much so that the national Champions are undefeated. Certainly not in the league where, as of today, there are more shadows than lights. A success, that of the ‘Meazza’ that does hang down slightly the balance of the qualification on the campania, which, however, on the 5th of march, will have to suffer still to complete the work in the fields reversed in the ‘San Paolo’.

Meanwhile, the balance of competitions, extra-league is a perfect 6 wins and 3 draws between the Italian Cup and the Champions League. With the scalps excellent in the Liverpool champion of Europe and then of the world, Lazio, surprise, and mina rambling of A Series and, last in order of time, of the Inter, accredited rival Juve for the victory of the maximum tournament of our own.

The results of the Naples in the nights ‘magic’

In the nights to the european, as well as in those of the Coppa Italia, Napoli changes its face and reveals its best side. The attentive, determined, stubborn, and, with a spirit of sacrifice, she throws the heart over the obstacle. And that, in addition to win the success against Genk or Perugia, to the extent of the campania region, manages to get the better of the grim Salzburg, which did not lose in the home between the walls of friends of Red Bull Arena 19 international competitions, and Liverpool is the champion of Europe and then the world.

With the addition, in January, and then with a different technician), but it produces the same results in the cups, wins from stress against Lazio, which is surprising continuity and quality of the game, and the Inter of the Count, of Eriksen, of the Baggies , and Martinez. In short, a team that loves the other scenarios, certainly not in the league, and that brings out the best against teams with important values.

Reasons additional in the Cup, Napoli will not give up an inch

And just when the bar of caution is raised to the levels of protection high, the Naples back a team to put them away. An opponent hard to anyone able to repay on the application field, the tactics and the values from the top clubs. The jingle of the Champions league inspires, that of the Italian Cup as well. And the attitude is totally different. Every player takes the field with a changed awareness and with the knife between the teeth.

A matter of head than that of the foot, and motivation. Competitions are not yet lost, is lost for the goal, as the heralded title no longer seems so far away, far away, unreachable. Both Ancelotti and with Gattuso determination in these contexts is maximal, no player blue is idle, abulico, absent-minded or distracted and all, in unison, will help you and you will make claim for intensity and desire.

For a garra, in fact, almost imperceptible in the league, if not in some matches, and always with large (see the victory against Juventus), and a self-denial that is foaming anger to the fans. With the same kind of attitude in the championship, net of bad luck (17 poles affected), of the many episodes of the arbitration to the detriment or multiple injuries, the Naples would be in other positions.

le posizioni medie del Napoli contro l’Inter. Baricentro basso e linee di passaggio sbarrate ( the picture: the average positions of the Napoli against Inter milan. Low centre of gravity and lines of passage barred (

Respect for one’s opponent, ‘he sniffs the danger’ and start again

The tactical application said. In these contexts, the Naples is a bath of humility, acknowledging the strength of the rivals and, as with Juventus or Inter or Liverpool, with both Naples and in the English land, the campania region agree to change their battle ground. Do not put it only on the dribble but also on the tactics, on the defense, not disdaining the trench of the bolt and the action of the season. Dynamic and relentless. As against the nerazzurri yesterday, Fabian Ruiz demonstrates, as against Liverpool to ‘Anfield’, Mertens as well.

The players, in the words of Gattuso, “smell the danger” and roll up their sleeves to help each other, play ball pool, get below the line of the ball and fortify your stronghold: 4 goals conceded in 9 races outside the championship, 15 networks active and an average of 2 points per game. A totally different story from the one told in the Serie A. As the two singers as different as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.