Benevento, the promise of Vigorito: “the first race of The open door will be free”

The president of the Benevento Oreste Vigorito after the promotion in Serie A and reiterated a promise to the fans: “For the first race of the Series that you can play open doors the entrance will be free. – it then continues Vigorito as reported by the Corriere dello Sport – The people from the stadium never goes away, it remains the passion and the love. The fans are hidden behind the seats just know how to see. The A-Series? It was a promise made to myself and to my brother, that I have on the mesh, it was not obvious, but if you close your eyes do you remember the fretto, the wind, the rain. Moments like these remain. What to say to beneventani? Listen to the whispers of the wind and the beating of the heart, as written by my brother, Cyrus. The grandchildren gave me this shirt. The stadium could have been called in any other way that Ciro Vigorito”.