Biodiversity day: coldiretti Puglia, lost 3 fruits on 4 – puglia

Is what says coldiretti puglia, on the occasion of the world day of biodiversity, that is celebrated on May 22, with initiatives in the farms and in the markets peasants of country friend to foggia in via della Repubblica 80, to to toast in via appia 226 and to taranto in viale virgilio 33. To save the agri-food heritage made in italy a decisive recovery action – emphasizes the regional coldiretti – it is due to the new commercial outlets created by the farmers’ markets and the farms of friendly country, which offered economic opportunities to breeders and cultivators of variety and breeds at risk of extinction. A capillary commitment whose tip of the iceberg is represented by the arrival on the banks of the friendly country seals, the 418 ancient foods saved by the Italian farmers.

Among the seals of biodiversity in puglia you go from the azzeruolo, small fruit very good and gorgeous but little known, to the death goat, known as chepe de murte” or grucciolo, from the mugnolo, considered the poor cabbage of the peasants, progenitor of the broccoli, to the fir, a parasite plant of the fave, as it feeds of the clorifill proper of the latter, sweet (laughs)