Bites: “Excellent knowledge, kanté the man who serves”

The Nerazzurri heart of maximum bites still beats strong. Although it has not been, for several years now, the owner of the interior, the honorary president is still an authoritative voice of the interist panorama. Reached by sky, moratti has touched numerous themes of this shield conquered by the interWhat was the turn to win the championship?

“for me the game with the milan – he explains – I thought already before if you were winning that game the road would be downhill and so it was. Then everyone finds the reference he wants, but for me the milan was the only one who could contend the shield and it was a security test. ” Count and mourinhooutdoor series, eriksen reborn: shield inter, tactical keys 2 hours agoabout antonio count: “It strikes me its tenacity, its resistance despite the beautiful and bad weather.

He achieved his goal by protecting the team, forming it and giving her character. Are very serious professionals, who want to win and seriousness necessary to convince everyone of this goal. Even in the last games it was not easy: you could relax, instead Count continued to give strength to the team. ”

External, eriksen reborn: shield inter, tactical keysthe strength of the teamwhen talking about players, you can’t name one on all: “we say for granted lukaku and lautaro, but I’m not. For me, a stretcher was the player who most personified the character of Inter, the one necessary to win. I think he did a special championship, then there are others, from hakimi that was a surprise to the Granitica defense.

The future and the championsNow you have to think bigger, for example the champions league: “I think you think you can get something even if it’s difficult. We start next year with the idea of winning everything: if it happens it is fantastic, but it is not absolutely easy. But I think that right now the same team that’s ocit to the group would do much better. ”

I think it would have the same kanté effect, even if I don’t want to push in this direction because it would be difficult.