Boga perpetual motion, gives victory to Sassuolo against bradford City (1-2)

A goal During a penalty shoot-out to Caputo, and then to the edge of the final of the Boga, which places the City at the end (1-2). A blow as a blow to the formation of Simple that you will not demerita, it’s a bit unfortunate, and is punished beyond his demerit from one of the players most in form in the league. In the midst of a stake centered by the owners of the house, and Murgia (the ball bounces on the wood and ends up in the hands of Councils) and a doubling of the failure from Sassuolo and shortly after, the penalty of the draw.

The match at the lunch time that opens on the Sunday of the Series, the living flame of sudden between two teams that fight for every ball, bolt row in the middle of the field and rely on the cues of the footballers in the most dangerous: on the one hand Petagna puts weight and muscle offensive is assisted by the greater dynamism of Francis; and on the other there is the Boga that – usually – when speed is a thorn in the side, and finds in Caputo (in the heart of the area, a constant point of reference) or the collaboration of Berardi.

Spal curled around to the 3-5-2 that is a perpetual motion, and compensates for the technical limitations with the generosity, Sassuolo fielded by De Zerbi with the form that has been the fortune of emilia: the 4-2-3-1 that has Obiang and Locatelli interpreters of the “role of struggle and government”, the technician asks why the team remains compact.

We can fleetingly unlike what happened against Rome, because the City has a few jokes in a vacuum, it is difficult to flush out (in spite of the incursions of the Boga), and especially when sinks the shot hurts. It does, however, Bonifazi arrived from Torino in the last session of the market: it is the defender to surprise the head of the defense neroverde, beating in a manner undisturbed in front of Tips. Marks and is to embrace the technical, Simple.

The reaction of Sassuolo is there, but it goes to crash against the defense of the City. In the shooting De Zerbi change Traoré with Defrel and gives major thrust of the offensive to Sassuolo. Guests can take the ball in hand, gaining metres and feed on with greater continuity on the offensive action.

The engine rooms of revolutions, we think of (always) the Boga to hold in check the estensi, and at 63° also provides the penalty of the tie: enter the area, two goals this season. Caputo goes on the diskette and is not wrong. The stake of the Murgia strangles the scream in her throat to the fans of the Spal then the race is channeled on the draw: Simple, satisfied, takes off To Francesco and insert a midfielder (Valdifiori) in order to spin the ball.

It is also good to Sassuolo which is another step towards salvation, but it would be wrong to believe it could end so. Boga hits and sinks the hosts in the final: ilgol was born from a big ball of Berardi for the team-mate who cut into the area and head the initials of the network’s success.