Bologna fort, pious aradori in trouble: photograte without mask with 15 people, is polemic

I apologize with aradori pietro for the clamor that my shot generated. I would like to stress that it was not a party but a Easter lunch and that everyone was sitting at his table respecting the rules of the dpcm. We have granted a picture of good paschqua all together, not respecting neither the space, nor the mask we left at the table.

We have wrong and I more than all because I posted the photo online. I know pietro only through common friends who are passionate about basketball and from there the idea of group selfie was born. I take all responsibility for the event.”Despite the user’s apology, the image of aradoriless selfie immediately became viral and attracted many indignant comments.

Aradori recovers, raises and withers nails the crushed to the flightserious a and one! The basket of ruzzier who decides the derby between varese and milano 05/04/2021 to 19:12