Bologna, It: “sometimes we go into emotional crisis, glad for the victory”

Sinisa mihajlovic Mihajlovic coach of Bologna, so spoke to the microphones of Dazn after the 3-2 victory against Lecce: “we’ve created for ourselves the difficulties, the first time he had to finish four or five to zero. We were in danger of losing the match, it was our fault the whole year, we went into emotional crisis. Fortunately, in the end, even in ten with Krejci injured, we managed to win. Does not like to take a goal or not close the games, you see that we’re missing something, but the guys have given the maximum”.

Before the 1-2 he said he expected to suffer the goals. Now he knows the team…
“The known when the goal is in the air, I feel it immediately. After a minute we got a goal, we stopped playing and manage. Also during the cooling break, I told you to close the game and take home the three points. Anyway, I’m happy for the victory. We have made a step forward compared to last year, we were always on the left side of the standings, and missing two matches: with all the problems we had I am happy. Step by Step to change the mentality and better manage your emotions”.

Has had responses from Skov Olsen and Svanberg?
“It is difficult for all, the assessments are all staggered: it had never happened to play for a month and a half every three days. Missing two games, at the end of the championship we will do the accounts”.