Breeder killed in nule: Monday the autopsy – Sardinian

Will be performed next Monday to nuoro the autopsy on the body of francesco dessena, the 77-year-old cold lift two nights ago in the countryside of nule, with a shot of rifle in full face. The necroscopic expertise entrusted to the medical examiner v index minsons could provide additional elements on a ruthless execution, for which there is still no motive and a suspect. Even it is assumed that when it was cold he was kneeling.

The two elements would confirm that the murder was committed by day, before 18.two nights ago, not seeing him return home, the children are ousted to look for him and found him in his lands, poured to the ground. For what is considered a double murder, they were definitively condemned paolo enrico pinna, of nule, and the cousin tree-lined cubeddu, of ozieri.