Brescia-Inter, a new chapter: the club pays for 7 days in march, SuperMario asks for the resolution

It rains on the wet in the complicated relationship between Mario Balotelli and his Italy. As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the striker would have asked for the termination of the contract. A move that is first and foremost a response to that Cellino, given that it was the first club to notify the resolution request to its attacker confirmation of relegation, but it’s not yet the arithmetic and, in fact, already contested by Balo. He then, however, followed the same road of Brescia, in a legal controversy more and more bitter. And it all stems from the payroll of march.

7 days paid. According to the rosea, the club of lombard would have indicated, and then paid, the entry “days worked” for the month of march only seven days. And it would be interesting to understand, given that the 9 Balotelli has played 77 minutes as a starter in a 3-0 collected in Reggio by the Sassuolo. Beyond this “detail”, super mario would have replied to the payroll very lean in asking for the resolution of the contract for default, with the payment of all the monthly payments up until 30 June 2022. The same road, in fact, already followed by Brescia. All the day after the heavy 6-0 collected from the Inter.

It is a matter of money. If both want the resolution, why is everything so complicated? It is a question that might be lawful, but it is not so simple: the whole wheel, as you can imagine, around the salary of the player. If it were to be accepted the request of Brescia, in fact, the company should pay off the line only the salary accrued up to 30 June. Vice versa, if the winner happens to be the number 45, the Rondinelle should honor the contract up to June 2022, unless Mario can’t find the first one the other team. To settle the matter, if of course the rumors of the milanese newspaper will be confirmed, we should think the Board of arbitration.