Building operations in seismic areas: speaker in the classroom will be roberto bet, andrea correlater

2021 – the second permanent council commission, chaired by silvia rizzotto (zp,) vice-president jonatan montanariello (pd,) has definitively dismissed, by majority, without votes against, the draft law no. 30, first signatorio roberto ciambetti (Venetian license for premier saving,) “Modification of article 66 of 2003. The first committee on financial neutrality of the legislative proposal had already been adopted.

For the examination of the court, the rapporteur was appointed roberto bet (zp,) andrea zanoni correlater (pd.) The law aims to adapt the discipline of authoritarian procedures relating to building operations in seismic locations to the provisions contained in the single text for the building (dpr 380/2001). The modification, requested by the municipality of padova, is motivated by the presence of material errors in the sale plan, related to some relevance.

The president rizzotto has emphasized “the importance of a measure that introduces acts of address, renewed and simplified, regarding zootechnical farms, and this is certainly positive”. Illustrated, finally, the bill, at the initiative of the councilman marco dolfin (lv,) “Modifications to the L.R. 8 May 2009, n 12, “new norms for the reclamation and protection of the territory”.

The third committee’s opinion on the measure will also be taken into account next week. Press release – editorial responsibility regional council Veneto