Cagliari, the dream for the defense is Maksimovic. Doubts on the lanes of the external

The Cagliari is taking advantage of the forced stop to redraw the defence that will be. The department’s backlog at the bentegodi – emphasize The Gazzetta dello Sport – has come under the magnifying glass in the last few months: too many errors, too many goals and, more generally, the need to rejuvenate the defense. We also look for a central experience, and the name you like is the one of Nikola Maksimovic of Naples. Profile difficult, however, for the signing up and why before stop the Serbian has found continuity from the holder. The alternative is Cistana of Brescia.

Lanes outside of the Doubts are also on the bands with the Pilgrims, and Mattiello, who are on loan, and with Hunter and Lykogiannis that they are not always given the answers they hoped for. For the role of full-back for the Cagliari currency Sabelli of Brescia and the Pharaohs of Verona.