Calcium: flakes; exonerated seams after elimination playoff – puglia

(laughing) – lecce, 22 May – the double defeat with the Venetian in the semifinal playoffs has cost. To communicate it the president of the club Giallorossi saverio sticchi damiani, during a press conference called in skype mode. Which continued: “in this championship with great sacrifice we laid the foundation for a medium-term project based on first team, youth sector and structures.

At a time the growth stopped and did not allow us to reach a result before the planned. ” The manager of the pantaleo corvino technical area motivated the decision with the failure of the team. “in the round of the way this team won 3 times at home, taking 14 goals.

It is not a positive path in view of next year and it is necessary to make clear decisions even if ruthless.” The most insistent name for the new coach is that of marco baroni, current technician of the bra, and already footballer of the lecce (seasons 87-89) under the guide of carlo mazzone.