Caliendo: “Cut salaries? Aic inadequate and without ideas neither preparation”

Antonio Caliendo, is a river in flood. The historical agent that had among its clients also Baggio and Dunga puts in the crosshairs the Assocalciatori and its president Damiano Tommasi. You talk about the issue of cutting the salaries and of the clash between the League and the Aic: “The Associalciatori – says Caliendo to – is guided by the subjects that I don’t qualified to find solutions. Should make counter-proposals but are not able to give any ideas or suggestions. Define inadmissible, as decided by the assembly of the League but then as controbattono? There is no preparation. Tommasi was a good player but has no experience and does his rounds in the retreats to make the meetings with the captains and collect the registrations of the players. The Assocalciatori what he’s done for the players? Places you on a pedestal and it seems that for them to decide the football. Who puts the money passes into the second floor. Today the soccer companies are not more in those where there is a magnate that pulls out the money, are listed on the Stock exchange and there are financial groups that are important. It serves, in short, an association with the height. Among other things, the Aic also take huge salaries. And you should also go to see the financial statements of the Association and of the parallel society to see another aspect: what about the foreign players, who remain one or two years, and then not take the funds of end of career? Who keeps these funds? I raised this problem already at the time of the Bell, because the apoca I had many foreigners”. Then Caliendo goes on to talk about specifically cutting salaries: “in the Meantime, you need to take to heart even the C series that is the fundamental basis for the launch of new players and that the Italian football can not lose. The company as well as the players must not lose. Among prepared people in there puts you at a table, currency what is the size of losses and at that point it was discussed. And I repeat, must be protected in the lower categories”.