Castillejo: “Maldini is fine. I train with the shopping bags, I want to review the San Siro full”

After the positivity of Maldini, here is who speaks Samu Castillejo. No other Milan player is positive for the swab for the Covid-19, but the confinement to the house continues. How to train? Using shopping bags…

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“There was concern for the health of Paul and Daniel Maldini. We hope that no other partner is positive. I heard Daniel, told me he has no symptoms so hopefully everything goes well. [Samu Castillejo to Sport Mediaset]”

Because I stayed in Italy?

“I was in Italy and especially not to put at risk anyone of my family. My family is good, even if Spain is one of the most affected Countries, and is at home, they are worried for me because I am here alone”

“I’m training every day at home, but it is not easy because I don’t have weights. For example, the other day I did the grocery shopping, and with the bags I’ve made and the biceps… at The end everything can be useful, something to train you”

The importance of the Rungs

“It is not only the coach to put you in the field, but much depends on the work of the player. Sometimes the head is most important of all, especially in moments of difficulty. Pioli is a great coach, we hope to have him again next year. What do I expect from back in the field? The first thing that I want to review is San Siro full, feel the affection of the fans in our games”

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