Champions, from joy to nightmare: Atalanta loses 4-0 with Dinamo Zagreb

Gasperini and his boys had approached the historic first game in the Champions League with confidence. Perhaps too much judging by the bad first time, which has directed the race and gave away to Dinamo Zagreb the first three points in a group. Distant relative of the exciting of the last championship, the Atalanta is, in fact, sank, after the three goals of the owners of the house (all came in the first 45 minutes), and then failed on the shooting to find a winning flair before the fourth seal of the croats and of the proud but useless for the final assault. The defeat is heavy, time will forget it in a hurry and thinking about the next commitment, the next first October, at the San Siro, against Shahktar Donestk.

Dynamo overwhelming

Gasperini leaves Muriel on the bench, and goes on the attack with Zapata supported by Gomez and Ilicic. On the opposite side the dangers are especially Nikola Moro and Dani Olmo: stars already observed closely by many european clubs. The Dynamo part of the boarding party, and capitalizes on his great start with the net in the ninth minute of Leovac: bravo to pierce centrally in the attacking champions, and to beat from zero metres Gollini. The problems for the Atalanta, which fell in the field a little bit shy, arise especially from the two-lane external: especially the left, where Dani Olmo is elusive for the defenders Shot.

The former canterano of Espanyol and Barcelona, is also important in the occasion of doubling of the Croatian comes to the half hour. From his touch, in fact, part of the action on the left that leads to the cross at the moment Orsic: the right placed and Gollini is to gather once again the ball in the back of the net. Atalanta, the real, has remained in Bergamo and Dinamo will take advantage of even a few minutes before the interval with his third goal of Orsic. The bergamaschi go down in the locker room with a crossbar chipped from a free kick in the opening, and a right of Gomez to the 45th: too short of a Dynamo unleashed.

Orsic punishes the Goddess

Enraged for the first time really disappointing, Gasperini starts the recovery with Malinovskiy and Pasalic instead of Masiello and Freuler. The approach of bergamaschi in the opening second-time is promising. Gomez and his companions begin to look different and with a good action that leads to the conclusion on the bottom of Pasalic. The Dynamo expect it and it stings even with Orsic: Gollini avoids the sensational poker Croatian. The fourth goal, however, is around the corner, and it is the same attacker ex Spezia to make it to the 68esimo.

The Goddess closes with pride and determination. Livakovic deny the goal in the sixth minute, with an extraordinary intervention, while Gosens not find the port a little with a blow to the head. The last ten minutes are played at a pace very low and the teams are a bit long, especially the one Shot that is all in the next to try at least to score the first european goal. Pasalic, Zapata and Gomez graze in the final, but now it is too late. At the final whistle the final snaps of the party of the fans to the stadium Maksimir. The box there is a heavy loss to forget in a hurry, a blow made less bitter by the applause of the three thousand have arrived from Bergamo.