Champions Juventus speak for men. Khedira calls: “Be an example”

Christian, George, Leo, Sami, Rodrigo. Champions Juventus take the armor from superheroes and speak with the heart. Great men have always proven to be, this time, however, there is to be a team with everyone even more. And one almost has the feeling of being able to participate with them at the approach of an important game, definitely the most important of the year. The emergency Coronavirus is the entrance to the straight leg in the lives of all: this is a team with a bad, acting behind and often does not manifest itself either. Yesterday, after Rugani and Gabbiadini, the cases of positivity to the Covid-19 in A Series is increased to eight, because you have added the other five members of Sampdoria (four players and a doctor) and one of the Florentine. So many, too many.

The numbers rise day by day and do not spare any sector, to see the first results of the restrictions imposed by a couple of days in Italy will have to wait a couple of weeks, so need patience, and a lot of responsibility. One hundred and twenty members Juventus today are on the third day of the quarantine voluntary, distant, but united more than ever to win the other game that they decided to play in the field of solidarity. “We decided to organize a fundraiser to support the hospitals of Turin and Piedmont region” remind us of Chiellini, Bonucci and Bentancur, after the launch of the initiative organized in the first person by the president Agnelli on Thursday evening.

Commendable initiative, of great value in this phase of the emergency, “because health care can save many human lives,” explains Khedira, who advances well as some recommendation to his fans: “The important thing is to stay home, avoid social contacts, to take seriously this issue and be an example for all other people. The young people help the older people and healthy people to help the most vulnerable”.

Never like this time, since his arrival at juventus, Ronaldo speaks, or rather writes to the man: “The world is going through a very difficult time, that requires the utmost care and attention from all of us. I speak to you today not as a player, but as a son, a father, a human being involved with these recent developments that are affecting the whole world – he writes in a letter posted on its social channels -. It is important to follow the advice of the World Health Organization and of the organs of government on how to manage the current situation. Protect the lives of the men must come before every other interest.”

The number seven of Juventus, who lives these days in voluntary isolation in Portugal, then enters in the deep: “I Would like to send a thought to all those who have lost a loved one, all my solidarity to those who struggle against this virus, as my team-mate Daniele Rugani, and my continuous support to the incredible medical professionals who are putting their life in danger to save the other”.

Yesterday at 18 in point, when in many cities, there sounded from the balconies to experience a moment of sharing, even in the palaces around the Allianz Stadium, there was a good participation in the flashmob sound. Inside, the house of the supporters, it will remain in silence again for a while: the times will depend mainly on the sensitivity of the population, by how this will understand the value of playing an important match, the most important of the year. And the supporters of every part of Italy certainly have the best examples to point to win, even against the virus.