Champions, the game is (almost) perfect in the middle: the lesson of football signed Gasperini

To lesson the Scoring. The 4-1 win over Valencia gives the measure of the superiority of Atalanta in 90 minutes at the San Siro. The 4-4-2 Valencia has worked, for a little, only to score now compromised, when the Atalanta, more tired, has made some support and some cover too. The philosophy of the Attack, which focuses on the research of one-on-one in the entire field, rewards. Hateboer and Gosens win individual duels on the flanks. Gomez, involved in various ways in three of the four scoring actions, and Had to exchange without giving references. Pasalic enhances the numerical superiority in the central corridor. The dynamism constant, the speed of recovery in the top of the ball to complete a game almost perfect for an hour. Anxieties, also physiological, in the end do not change the substance of the enterprise.

The numbers of the match

Atalanta complete the game with four goals on five shots on goal, with the same great opportunities created but with 30 steps more in the box, attack, 110 to 80. The Atalanta has pulled better, overall, and attacked mainly on the centre-right as evidenced by the 15 steps From the Roon at the time He and 13 of Hateboer for Toloi. The Valencia has instead relied primarily on Wass, which has touched 18 balls for Torres, and he has exchanged 30 with Parejo, the main director of the spaniards, and the only one of all the players in the field to overcome the 60 passes completed in the match. But in the space of a half, in the hallway that Wass left discovered, it is inserted Gomez to sparigliare fates and fortune.

The formations

Celades confirms the 4-4-2 with Diakhaby-Mangala pair of centre-backs a bit improvised and Gonzalo Guedes adapted as a second tip, with the power to float on the lane left-handed. The Valencia tip on the push of the Gaya and Wass on the bands. Gasperini opts for a 3-5-2 mobile, without references in front of it. Ilicic and Gomez challenge the two defenders, Pasalic create superiority in the middle phase of non-possession. It hurts Djimsiti in heating, there is Caldara on the centre-left in the defence to three.

Atalanta, Gomez and Ilicic playing memory

Interesting, even if not seen, the first cut in the vertical Gomez, who asks for a one-two to the Danger, as in tradition, is located on the center-right, and slips behind Diakhaby forced out of position. The punishment of the “Papua” to 4′ shakes the fans that fill the San Siro. The Valencia press up, Soler salt on the line of the attackers and complicates the low output of the ball to the defenders side. Toloi and Palomino lose a couple of dangerous balls into the exit in the first minutes, a sign of a team that controls the space, but encounters some difficulty in the climb the field with the ball against the kickoff of the spaniards.

Ilicic e Gomez svuotano l’area e si integrano perfettamente in ampiezza. La grafica fa riferimento al solo primo tempoin the photo: Ilicic and Gomez emptied out the area and fit in perfectly with amplitude. The graphic refers to only the first time

To 8′, the first great chance for Atalanta. Antonio candreva sends a long through ball to Gomez, the Papua and Pasalic are in a two against one toward the area: Pasalic orients the body too soon, Domenech understands and signs the classic parade, which is worth a goal. The 3 against 2 in the middle, on the right is a value-added, and it shows. Pasalic fencing Parejo and moves well between the lines, Celades in vain, he the two central midfield because shorten immediately to the defense.

Il primo tempo a tutto campo di Pasalic contro il Valenciain the picture: The first time that the entire field of Pasalic against Valencia

Re-assault decided and speed on the flanks

Atalanta takes advantage of the spaces in the middle, the “Papua” lights up to 15′: low cross towards the second post, split Hateboer that puts the body in front of Gaya and change the game. The goal is a poster of the football Gasperini, in which the roles should be interpreted in a fluid manner, but the positions in the field must be occupied with no concessions to improvisation.

The movement of Gosens and Hateboer allows Atalanta to quickly move the ball horizontally in the transitions from right to left and vice versa. These plots often go to Pasalic, the first to bring the pressing pressure and hinder the start of the action of the spaniards.

Compattezza e simmetria caratterizzano la circolazione di palla dell’Atalanta nel primo tempoin the photo: Compactness and symmetry characterize the movement of the ball the ball in the first time

Valencia earns a field riding a half-hour, the Atalanta attack with conviction and starts with many men, bringing also the four in the area. The inexperience will cost a lot to bergamo at 30′, when the Palomino doesn’t notice of the penalty area quickly and leaves the runway area, Ferran Torres: palo save Gollini, defense free with the most of some uncertainty.

Gli interventi difensivi mostrano le difficoltà del Valencia di proteggere la difesa nel corridoio centrale e dal lato di Hateboerin the photo: interventions to defensive show the difficulties of Valencia to protect the defence in the central corridor and from the side of Hateboer

Atalanta, scoring the 2-0 as the action of the manifesto of the Attack

The quality of Valencia, especially on the flanks, emerges in the final for the first time. The center of gravity is higher, the insistence from the side of Ferran Torres and Wass who plays very open, free spaces in transition for Gomez, who first finishes the top, but part offside, but then serves the ball to Ilicic for the great goal of 2-0. Unleash a power shot, in spite of Kondogbia with the body, try to chiudergli the mirror of the door. The midfielder, who knows him, expecting a shot, but Had to sign the first goal in the Champions of right.

Le posizioni medie nel primo tempo. L?Atalanta (celeste) sfrutta la libertà per il numero 10 Gomez nello spazio di mezzoin the picture: The average positions in the first time. L?Atalanta (the heavenly) takes advantage of the freedom of the number 10 Gomez in the space of half a

The nerazzurri are rampant, Gomez always involved

Re-aggression high and no fear of going to the one that characterised the start of the second half of Atalanta. The pace of life is lowered slightly, and the teams are getting longer and the spaces increase on the trocar in the transitions. The spaniards lack a little precision in the changes of the game. The centre of gravity inevitably higher than what you see usually in la Liga takes away the compactness of the vertical to the team of Celades that keeps the men arranged along the entire width of the field even in non-possession. But the Valencia doesn’t have the same ability in the middle to cover the field, and the team of Gasperini maneuver better with the short passes exploiting the openings between the lines. The magnificent curling right-of Freuler 3-0, encouraged by the counter-movement of Gomez, who turns away from the mirror of the door, crazy to the San Siro.

The pressing of the Valencia becomes more and more disorganized, that of the Atalanta remains finalized, coordinated, and cohesive. Hateboer thanks, put you in your own and complete the evening by the fairy tale of the two goals for the match 4-0. Bravo Had to slide the balloon for the escape of the right outer, Hateboer return to the area, it protects from the recovery attempt, open field of Diakhaby and crosses.

La spinta costante di Hateboer e Gosens ha finito per travolgere i meccanismi difensivi del Valenciain the picture: The constant push of Hateboer and Gosens has come to overwhelm the defense mechanisms of Valencia

The risk, at this point, is to think that everything is, or becomes, too easy. Atalanta continue to risk only on their own levity defensive. A hallway distracted of Palomino in horizontal turns in the assist for the diagonal of the dry Cheryshev, just joined for Guedes.

The impact of Russian is considerable. The Valencia insists striker was 2-4 with a dynamic of action not too different from the network marked the Atletico Madrid with Maxi Gomez loose on the first post for the search space and conclude. The cross shall bring fear to the nerazzurri, who dance again to the effect of positioning can be improved between the Palomino and Caldara, who immediately leaves for Zapata. By Roon retreats as central to the left, Pasalic move from the median. In the last ten minutes of recovery also enters Malinovsky for Gomez. Atalanta is anxious in waiting for the liberating final whistle.