Champions: watch, is history us? Yes, and it’s amazing – football

Yes, we’re there, the city was a company always halfway through the coffee table, but then in ten to twelve years he invested a lot of money. But it wasn’t just this, because this company does so many good things, and for us the first champions final is an incredible achievement. ” “Today in the first time the psg played better than us – he still says lookout – and we got lucky that mbappĂ© did not play.

In the second half better we, we tightened up with the tertins and checked the game better, scoring in counterfoot. And we can’t forget that the psg wins the championship every year, eliminated barcelona and bayern and we beat them all 4-1″. But how do you get in a champions final playing without attackers?

We have a team made to hold the ball, without losing it, but maybe in the final I play an attacker, I still do not know. Now we will enjoy these weeks, we hope to win the championship because it lacks little, and then we will prepare the final. ” “I think I’m a better coach, the experiences in germany and land have helped me a lot.

But this is special – he concludes – because for the city it is the first time in the final and this will remain forever.”