Chievo, Cesar (coll. Garlic): “Important to win after good evidence, the head of the Entella”

Vinicio Cesar, a technical collaborator of Alfredo Garlic – in the stands for disqualification victories against Spezia –, has commented to the official channels of Chievo the victory obtained by the venetians to a 2-0 win at home against Frosinone.

I see it more that pleased with how the guys have played the race.
“Yes, absolutely, because it was not easy to play three days after losing a match despite a very good performance. Unfortunately, they have all seen how we’ve lost that. From the point of view of the classification was an important victory, as well as on the level of morale. It was important after two excellent performances to give continuity to this plan, but you also get the three points. We are very happy: the mister was satisfied with the interpretation of the boys”.

Compared to the race on Friday we reviewed the pile of Garlic, that presses high and tries to speed up the game.
We had prepared well for the match, while on Friday, climbing and outputs in the next were a bit different also because of the quality in the dribble of la Spezia. We always study our opponents and we have seen that the Frosinone, in the dribble, had a lot of quality. We could then raise more pressing and so we did. We were able to create several man against man, and the boys were very good at reading situations. The game is dynamic, and maybe certain things can change, but they have been excellent in so many readings”.

In order to succeed in a plan of that game, need physical condition and ability of the players to apply what you offer before each challenge. The reaction of the group was positive in both aspects.
“Yes, absolutely. We are very happy with the new guys, who can make themselves available and are always ready to follow the one that asks the mister. Are you guys open to dialogue and we are ready to listen. The physical appearance was important in this recovery, and it will be even more in the next few days, because we play games close with a great hot and after three months we were still. From this point of view, we are quite well”.

Former defender how do you evaluate the performance of your defensive line?
“When we started, but even before that, the boys are making the best of performance. From the former I don’t like to make too many compliments, but the guys can fit in the head. Ours is a role where you need great concentration, especially when we have the ball we forward. If when we lose the ball we are being evil, and the opponents we can peck. From the point of view of the attention and balance, we are doing very well and we must continue like this”.

They scored Obi and Piece, giving a message of what you need to Chievo, that is, players of experience and substance, but also young people who bring freshness and swagger.
“Absolutely, we have young and very interesting and perspective. Sure will make a great career: it is not always easy to approach certain games, but it is part of their growth. Piece has a lot of quality and not I find out for sure, I. Can be affected even more, but is giving us a big hand and are convinced that other young people will be just as important to reach our goal.”

Now rest for a few hours, then immediately head to the transfer to Chiavari Friday evening.
“Another game, against a team where I played for 5 years. I know well the environment, the field, and every seat in the stadium. It will be another race complicated: we’ll play on a synthetic field, where it changes a lot also in possession of the ball. We have to adapt and overcome this obstacle. We have already seen that the Entella is a team of quality, we will discuss and prepare for this game”.