Claudio Nassi: “Donnarumma never captain!”

When I hear people say that football has changed, I’m perplexed. Think to the better, but I don’t see why, if the measure of the field and the ports is the same and the ball is round. Seppoi I read the formations, I find at times the eleven foreigners, or ten, nine, and eight. If before did not happen was because, from the youth sectors, the old masters gave to the pink team guys ready to debut. We were in the land of goalkeepers and defenders and on the fields of training were the forks and walls, indispensable for the growth and teaching of the fundamentals. In their place we see an army of people with a lot of the stopwatch, to see if you can run round the field in a time less than that of the companion. At the end we are not convinced of being changed for the worse? The shape is beautiful, the numbering and the new, the different currencies, the marketing, the merchandising, and I don’t know how many things still make us think of the progress, but it’s the game that counts, and today it is ever more easy to fall asleep to the tv.

Finally, I see Donnarumma with the captain and I got another confirmation. Agree, it’s a super, if he made his debut 16 years at the San Siro, takes the place of Lopez, who comes from Real Madrid, and at the age of 21 celebrates 200 appearances for ac Milan. But the captain’s armband to the goalkeeper is an error. The need to wear a midfielder, that will always be close to the referee, we often will be able to speak and often overwhelming. To those who distorts the mouth say, during the game, between the players and the director of the race there is always war. The first will attempt, if possible, of fregarlo, the other, who lives to be the best in the field, will do the impossible because it does not happen. But the sentence left there was Not “punishment”, or: “it Was a corner”, etc., etc., the floor plan may have an impact, if it is true that the drop excavates the rock. And it is not true that the big Jonni of Macerata, italy, a Bologna – Juventus, took the whistle to his mouth and gave it to the old lady, because arbitrasse? And it was a tribute at a later time? And the football, as he repeated Cecco Lamberti, is not a silly game for smart people?