Collapses darsena bridge: tomorrow are the residents – Liguria

“are them the most damaged” has emphasized the president of the authority of harbour system of the marine eastern Ligurian sea sum, today in the course of a meeting with the press near the bridge. The sail of the bridge, which is likely to collapse on the building, “it will be put in safety with a tie. Then within 10 days we are ready to intervene with a crane to remove the scaffold.”

For another two days the residents will be displaced, in the hotel. The will is to get to free the area from the trunk of the bridge, to allow the activities of the dock to return to operate normally. “In the meantime we have prepared an extraordinary order, which allows to move the boats by land or to take them to the sea by morin walk”.

Summary explained that his idea would be to build a bridge with different characteristics. But “the companies, today bound to the times of the bridge, as well as the residents” would be favorable not to reconstruct any more structure at that point. The question would remain that of the road, in an area of important ship yards and that connects spice with lerici.

Certainly “more than a year” estimated sum, present at the press conference with the Franciscan secretary general of sarcina.