Coronavirus: Alloy B, new appointment, the medical commission

(X-Sports) – ROMA, 25 MAR – New meeting of the commission
the medical and scientific Alloy B a few days after the last
the meeting, with the aim of ensuring the maximum continuity and
the best medical coordination between the clubs, as required
also by the president Mauro Balata and by the board of directors.
In a conference call with the doctors of the sports companies
together with the members of the working group co-ordinated by Franco
The main innovation -is to know the Alloy of the series B -regards
a document that will be made available to the company for
to manage the possible onset of nervous tension in athletes.
Written by the sport psychologist Aldo Grauso the manual
objective the prevention of problems due to the absence of
the agonistic activity and to the isolation in the house.
Together with Perona and Grauso, also present were the other members
of the commission, the sports doctors Cristian Francavilla,
Vincent Salini and Giovanbattista Sisca in addition to the secretary
Domenico Vassallo. The working group was updated on the first
April. (X-Sports).