Coronavirus, Fiona May: ‘Maybe Larissa earn the Games…’

In apprehension for the pregnant sister, concerned especially for the parents in the United Kingdom because “unfortunately, they are over 70 years old,” and then, in times of coronavirus, the recommendation is to remain “isolated in the house” to avoid being infected. For Fiona May is not an easy time, yet there is also room for a positive thought such as that of seeing compete, the eldest daughter in the Olympics, after the Games of Tokyo have been postponed a year because of the health emergency in the course.

For the former star player in the blue in the long jump, two silver olympic Atlanta ’96 and Sydney 2000, the decision to raise the event in five circles “is correct, but I don’t understand why it took so much to get it. From former athlete, I can assure you that the person who was preparing he has lived in the apnea of this situation of uncertainty. My opinion is that it was lost time”.

“For more than a month that you will know the situation. The virus is causing huge problems in Europe, and is now doing the same in America. No athlete would be ready for the Games continues, May delay dictated by the economic interests in dance? Maybe so, but in case it would be one thing bad: the Olympics are the athletes, not the money. Then of course, Japan will be a big hit from the economic point of view, but the crisis will be global.”

From the sporting point of view, however, is a different matter according to Fiona: “After four years of training and sacrifices, is tough
give up. For young people there are problems; for those who are at the end of the career, instead, it is equivalent to a year’s lost but, in a situation
like that, you must think first of the health and the future. And then I am sure that next year Tokyo will be a great festival”.

Maybe with a “invited” in most, that is, Larissa, and Iapichino, daughter, 17-year-old Fiona and european champion in the under 20 long jump just like her mother. “I don’t talk for good luck. In July were in the program the junior World championship in Nairobi, which is a shame for you not to be able to do, but in a year anything can happen, and it may be that gains an Olympiad…”, admits the May, that in this period of forced isolation following at home, the second daughter of 10 years, without forgetting the social commitment: “After that in Ethiopia last year, I am preparing another Mission Don Bosco”.