Coronavirus, the confession of Roberto Mancini: “It’s hell. I lost an old friend”

There will be the European 2020 strategy, and we will not have the “magical nights”, which until some time ago, we had hoped, but now there is a battle more important than fight. The emergency Coronavirus has upset all our plans in the immediate future but the battle is more important to win is the one against the Covid-19, and this is aware of this and also Roberto Mancini. The technical commissioner of the Italian National team, he joined the cry of pain and suffering that we experience now in our country and in an interview with The Gazzetta dello Sport said to be in Rome, and a bad story that has touched close:

Closed in the house for two weeks. In Rome there are also two of my children. The third, Philip, is in Miami, he completed a course in sport and business. There also begins to feel the emergency. But the guys are strong, protected. I am more concerned for my parents who live in Jesi, even if they are well. My sister called me to tell me that has died of the Coronavirus a friend who as a child played football with me. Working at the Green Cross of Jesi.

Regarding the situation that you are living in the north of Italy and on the images of military convoys that were carrying away the bodies from Bergamo Mancio said: “The movie of the military convoy that was carrying away the coffins from Bergamo was a punch in the face, the image, the more it lasts, the more impressive. No one was ready to this hell. To think that people are dying because of a lack of beds in intensive care”.

Mancini: I can’t even to leave Italy

A few players have decided to leave Italy because of the situation that has been created there, and when he was asked if he would do it even him, Mancini’s answer:”I don’t think even to leave Italy, because I feel safe here and I have full trust in our doctors who are doing a heroic work. I want to feel close to those in difficulty. And I say this from a simple citizen, not because I have an institutional role, and I represent Italy”. The CT has shown his typical day during this quarantine:

Every day I do a bit of sport on the terrace. I read, I keep myself informed on the television. After dinner, the hours are a little longer. The other night I saw Don Matteo… But I always think positive. I am convinced that in may, the championship will start again, we will recover our normal, and I can meet in stadiums all of my players, and to bring together in some way with the National team.

Mancini: European? The blow of the disappointment I felt

The coach of the National team has spoken of the postponement of the European programs skipped, and the fact that it will take a bit of time before reviewing it to the top of its football players:

We will probably be a bit rusty, but just smear a little on the chain and will ride as before… In the past few weeks I called some of the players, especially those injured and in doubt. I worked on the friendlies with England and Germany, and I began to set up the European. Has been deleted all. I confess that the blow of the disappointment I felt. I stopped.

Mancini: League? I am convinced that we are going to have fun

Finally on the championship locked, and on which there are no certainties on the resumption of the Mancio said: “After what happened the players will want to play the enthusiasm will compensate for the fatigue. I am convinced that we are going to have some fun.”