Corriere della Sera: “Thus has vanished the phenomenon Had”

The Corriere della Sera today, in the low-cut of first page cut out a space for the delicate moment of Josip Ilicic, entitling: “Thus has vanished the phenomenon Had”. Atalanta, who triumphs on the night of Valencia and carves his name in the elite of the Champions league, he scored four goals, dribbling, serpentine, ecstasy technical sport, the charm of the golden Ball. The epicenter of the pandemic, the count of the dead, the sound of the sirens, the trucks of the soldiers that night carry the coffins away from Bergamo. Maybe it was too much. Too much all at once and too quickly. What is sure is that Josip Ilicic when the ball has started to roll and when everybody was talking about returning to life is gone. Now the return to Slovenia, to try to regain the serenity lost.