Cosenza, Asencio finds the Pisa. The mister tuscan: “I Acknowledge that I have given little space”

A disastrous first performance of the season at Pisa, then the arrival in Cosenza, where he is born again, except to see his run halted by the lockdown that has stopped the Italy: but today the striker Raul Asencio will regain its recent past.
Not a goodbye, happy that of the player, but this has just talked to the coach of the tuscan Luca D’angelo: “I Must make an admission of guilt, objectively here, I did not give him the space to play, but he’s Cosenza has been shown to be able to do well: you could see even here that he was a good player, but in Calabria, he has done very well. The responsibility of his is of little use for you to give me that are the technician of the team.”