Cosenza, Asencio: “We can improve, they have shown the last matches”

The author of a test of the substance, as well as the goals that secured the Cosenza the draw in full recovery, Raul Asencio spoke to the microphones of DAZN at the end of the match against the Trapani for a short comment:
“We wanted the three points because we are doing a great performance, unfortunately we missed. We missed a penalty, we have granted one to them, you could do better. It was demerit our because the episodes are from the errors of our, we have to correct ourselves and go to improve these things, because we are a great team and we can improve how you have demonstrated these last games.”

You played your first race for the whole by the arrival of Occhiuzzi, such as the strings touched the new coach?
“We know the mister some months, he is always close to us, we know that he is studying the opponents, gives us a big hand because he lives for football and this helps us so much. Personally, I think that I could do better, I have to judge myself because after three months of downtime I think I’ve made the effort. I’m sorry and I’ll try to correct what I did wrong.”

Can operate the torque that is seen in the second half, Asencio-Rivière?
“I’ve always said. It is a pity that when he entered the Rivière shortly after I had cramps. I think there are very few forwards like Manu in Serie B, and together we can make a great pair in attack, we showed. We can definitely do better, and do it.”

How much is the next engagement against Ascoli?
“It was important not to overtake today. A point is always a point. Friday we have a very important game, we have to make the points absolutely. The games are ending and we must continue to do points 3 in 3.”

You’re on loan from Genoa, think of the Series in your future?
“If we don’t I thought I would be finished, I am 22 years old and I always want to improve. I have come to give a hand to this team, but also grow personally with the big players. They are giving a hand to grow, and I really hope to get into the Series as we all want”.