Cosenza, Occhiuzzi: “Had to have the presence of mind, for us is a tour de force”

A point snatched in extremis leaves substantially unchanged the situation of the ranking of Cosenza, but the reaction that has allowed us to find the draw in full recovery shows the good physical condition and mental condition of the group. At the end of the match against Trapani, Roberto Occhiuzzi said the performance of his boys. These are the words of the technician of the Wolves, as reported by the official website of the club calabrese:
“Even tonight, the boys gave an important signal, believing to the end. They want to fight and have demonstrated it. The fatigue is there, what mattered was to have the presence of mind. We had different solutions on corner kicks, but should merit to them you have covered well all the gates. If there is anyway to work on this aspect we will. Asencio and Rivière can play together, I have always said. For us it is a tour de force, and we must be good to handle it well all the players from the athletic point of view. The team must enter the field and trying to do the race: in the first half he did well and we paid for it. I like to see my try to always play the ball but needs to be done with more speed. I never go to disrupt the formations, however, I have to give space to those who deserve it. I don’t want to give anything, just to reward those who are committed and who gives me his full availability”.