Count: “You emphasize only the negative things, there is no premeditation on the part of someone”

23.46 – L’Inter equalized in the last race with Roma thanks to a goal from the penalty spot for the Baggies. There are many, however, the regrets for the nerazzurri, who are in the lead with de Vrij, but you do make a refit from the networks of Spinazzola and the Net. At the end of the match is 2-2 and hopes Scudetto Conte’s side are hanging by a thread. Soon the words of the technician for the nerazzurri in the press conference.

00.31 – Starts the press conference

It has something to reproach to the kids?
“To be honest, I find it difficult to reproach anything to the boys for what they give me and what they are doing. Until the last were them to try to equalize. There is little to complain, we go 1-0 at the end of the first time and maybe the guys would not have entered the contracts at the beginning of the second time. I have little to say to them. Our fans should be proud”

On the calendar
“Go to see what is the structure of our and that of others. Have to go there”.

You are given an explanation for why after the call to the Var on the first goal the referee has changed his mind?
“If the Var is calling you is not for you to go for a walk. The episode was clear. There was a charge on Lautaro. The Roma player not catching the ball. The last thing I want to do is talk about referees, they, too, are facing a difficult situation. They train at very high temperatures. For maximum understanding, even for serious errors like this.”

“I know very well what they are doing to the boys. The Inter is in the Champions league with 4 games to spare and with 15 points from Rome and 16 from Napoli and Milan. There is no premeditation on the part of someone in respect of Inter. You exalt in a negative way too many things. 4 days from the end we still speak of the season and in the last ten years I never did. If you do not want to see it there is nothing to do”

What don’t you like about the calendar?
“I can’t do the calendar. I do the coach. If you go to see in an honest and fair manner, you will find that there are abnormalities important. During the climax we face always teams rest one more day. A few question myself, but the problem is that I take only me”.

00.38 – Ends the press conference